Baby Steps


*** Volume 26 ***
Baby Steps – Ch. 249
Baby Steps – Ch. 250
*** Volume 27 ***
Baby Steps – Ch. 251

Please report any broken links in the comments below. I’ll make a new comment whenever I’ll have new translations to share. You can subscribe to the page’s RSS feed for any new comments that may pop up.


  1. I’ll keep releasing these if there’s enough sustained interest.
  2. Expect only bare-bones text translation and editing. There may be mistakes.
  3. You can do whatever you want with the posted translations.
  4. If at any point anyone decides to seriously pick up the pace, I’ll be sure to stop with the effort. In fact, I hope someone with a better grasp of Japanese does so soon. Let me know.
  5. Finally, I don’t know anything about the scanlation scene. I don’t care about any politics that may be going on, and I don’t wish to get involved. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Thank you for picking up Imangascans’ slack. Vampirecat’s summaries are great, but they started after the match with Kanda and didn’t become a regular thing until even later. Nothing beats knowing every little detail, so I will gladly go through the raws again with your translations.

    Just out of curiosity though, what you do count as sustained interest?

    1. What I mean by that is I just want to see these get shared around. You don’t even need to link the blog; that’s what the paste is for. I only need to know whether I’m going to be typing these up for just myself. I can go through the raws much faster if I don’t, saves me a lot of time.

      That being said, I’m okay with how it’s been so far. I plan on getting through Kanda’s match at the very least anyway.

  2. Thanks for these translation. Please translate more chapters. I really want to read more about this. cause I LOVE IT. plEASE TRANSLATE CHAPTER 252+

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