Thank you for being curious!

I decided to scrap my old writing and to start posting in English again. My main interests are random anime fandom musings, anime data and e-sports. You can follow me on Twitter at @cytherino or subscribe to my RSS feed.

Blogging has always worked for me as a fandom activity. The fandoms I dabble in have become desolate, boring places, so I figured the only real way for me to stay active is to entertain myself. I got the hang of data extraction, manipulation and learning algorithms, skills that come in handy for my data posts.

Anime has been a part of my life for over ten years now. I started watching them as a teenager and continued to do so despite college, work and loved ones requiring more and more of my time. I resent people that only use the hobby as a function of social self-fulfillment and I appreciate nerds that approach the hobby in fun, critical or experimental ways. I don’t like hive-mind communities, I prefer my claims be proven wrong in a discussion over it remaining stale.

There’s also the e-sports component to my interests, but I’ve yet to find an angle on how to approach it with the blog. I’m a huge fan of Starcraft II pros, but I follow most major e-sports as well, such as League and CS:GO.

I’ll add more as time goes on.