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My main interests are TV anime, random fandom musings, and datasets of all things related to anime. I also like blogging about this stuff from time to time. Back in 2006 I got this crazy idea that I could make a living writing about anime. Back then the World Wide Web ecosystem was still favoring such ventures, and while that’s all changed now, ultimately I just didn’t have the talent for writing and marketing myself, or the dedication to persevere and improve.

Still, I’ve been watching anime for over 14 years now, and some habits are simply hard to get rid of. One of my growing interests has also been the study of different types of fandoms. For that I like to dig into books on the subject, but also approach it from an angle of quantitative study of open data.

Lately, my efforts have been going into developing an ontology of anime creators and production processes, which will be very useful for my future projects. That being said, I’m always looking for fans with aligned interests. If you like working with data, know a thing or two about data mining or data science, or have some knowledge of the semantic web, please get in touch.

If not, just read my blog. I’m more than happy to receive comments, or see my visitor stats go from zero to 5.