What Is an Endless Everyday?

I got myself involved in a discussion about Angel Beats! and mentioned very casually the phrase endless everyday. With the amount of shows featuring ordinary girls doing ordinary things it was almost a given to me people would have a sense of what I was referring to. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case and, as I later discovered, there’s not much information nicely condensed on this topic, so I refer you to the archived web version of Takekuma Kentarou’s essay The Day The Endless Everyday Ended.

The article is an awesome read, so try to start from page one, but page four will suffice if you just want to know what endless everyday means. I noticed a few Google books that mentioned the phrase, but they were all pretty vague with the description. I was, too, because there are many facets to the term, so I chose one of them, poorly.

Takekuma may have been a little too quick on its conclusion from the title, as it seems the endless everyday still hasn’t ended for Japan and content hasn’t changed at all. This may be another reason to start thinking about otaku stories as an extension to this cultural paradigm, at least for a little while longer.


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